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May 3, 2014 6:00pm EDT
crimea, you invade cancun. russia takes back ukraine, america takes back texas. something to think about. [laughter] the new director of the secret service is here tonight. leadership, secret service agents can longer thatrt with prostitutes are too drunk to make it to the program. [laughter] i am sure she loves that. the director of national intelligence, james clapper, is here. put a face to the mysterious voice clearing its throat on the other end of the phone. that was weird. i have been watching a lot of cable news. i am a big fan of that lesbian on ms nbc. yeah, ms nbc is a confusing place. al sharpton is there skinny guy. [laughter] cnn is desperately searching for something they have been missing for months -- their dignity. totally. [laughter] this point, cnn is like the radio shack in a strip mall. you don't know how it stayed in business as long. they just fired piers morgan. [laughter] [applause] thank you. ratedws is the highest network and cable news. [applause] it is all thanks to their key , the old people that have tuned into fox news and have not yet been discovered. bi
May 3, 2014 12:30pm PDT
and pace of european economic integration. on the eastern front, germany's caution and confronting russia has controlled the pace of eu and american sanctions. and tempered nato's response in the front line countries of poland and the baltics. close ties with china give germany a foothold in asia and beijing a line of influence through berlin. in fact, the increase in trade between china and germany particularly in german exports to china, has exceeded all expectations. germany is china's number one trade partner in the eu. and the top investment destination for german companies is china. based on this emerging economic between china and germany, quote, a special relationship, unquote, is now emerging. item. china needs technology and germany needs markets. structural similarities and shared economic interests are key for this emerging special relationship. item, germany's approach to china is mostly driven on the need of its exporters. germany's foreign policy is based on the idea that economic exchange will lead to political and society change in china. item, china sees germany as the m
May 3, 2014 7:00am PDT
. fredricka. >> nick paton-walsh, thanks so much. this violence comes a few weeks after ukraine and russia and western countries reached a peace deal. now russia says the deal is dead. the spokes man for vladimir putin said the military movement is the last nail in the coffin. matthew chance is joining us from moscow. matthew, it is hard to tell what putin is doing to use the violence to push the deal out the window. what is happening here? >> reporter: actually, within the past few minutes, a statement issued by the foreign ministry which lavrov, the foreign minister said, look, the geneva agreement is the best way of deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine. a phone conversation with kerry and lavrov. he called on the united states to use everything within its power to get the authorities to end the military operations in eastern ukraine. this comes after the terrible deaths that took place in odessa. nearly 40 people killed. pro-russian supporters in a government building inside and torched by a pro-kiev supporters. that is not gone down well. the kremlin condemned the action. the
Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 10:00am EDT
and angela merkel displayed a voice of unity against russia. >> you got 28 countries and some are more vulnerable than others to potential russian retaliation and we have to take those into account. not every country is going to be in exactly the same place. but what has been remarkable is the degree to which all countries agree that russian russian -- -- russia has violated international law, violated the territorial integrity of a country in europe and there has to be consequences for that. >> joining us. >> stockholm i stok owners joining us in stockholm, prime minister, these big clashes in odessa had killed and injured a series of people on friday, but now this fire has reportedly killed dozens in a building that may have been a base for pro-russian be forces. what he would do if ethnic russians suffer in ukraine. how concerned are you now about this? >> what i'm concerned by the continued escalation that we see, an escalation of the destabilization activities, first we saw them in the east, slovyansk people have been killed, a helicopter was shot down earlier today, a ukrainian o
May 3, 2014 5:00am PDT
was russia. however police account nl east are skeptical of the chances of these candidates according to statistics the party of regions could lose its appeal it in the stands thousand agents. stepson and nicolette region is contesting any way to play a crane and i didn't eat it. this is contingent. a toast to choose to be won on the basis for the fight to the chancellor. oh wells while so you will know. oh but the eu. sedition is lately each and every candidate whether the gymnasts and that the diocese and russian as the second piece of land based in center for most of the opposite eds are overseas and on and on the most ridiculous she doesn't want to be friends with modern russia plans to get spring and that offence and defence potential. she also promises to fight for the games. in your basic communication she will bite me. nate and i sat and talked about to start in defence potential. she doesn't catch problems especially economics of it in my knee and it is a region of the absence of dollars of her eight years. the service men and a fun and the top of the senate caucus in the wi
May 3, 2014 4:00am EDT
's -- i don't to it's funny one year and the government and russia will have to take into account, and my constituency, and was their first for the elections when there were elections, and they have 14 contenders. you know it's still the naval base for russian strategically. that's for the submarines are and the missiles on submarines when you run the elections in naval base you had to call to me to the office which you can and at least immediately a probably not any cyber. we have china and different geography. so it was much more difficult than just becoming a member but i have to agree with president that in technical terms, in technical terms your's some choose to release of. basically it problem of russian nonperforming enough. there were consultations with nato because they failed to heed it took me to use tear originally with warren christopher and was my counterpart in the united states so that he started to concentrate the on the probable aggression even invited as a new member and could not do that and probably cannot know even if it was today a fully democratic country just bec
May 3, 2014 12:00am PDT
continue with ian bremer, president and founder of eurasia group. >> we cannot isolate russia. we can push them toward china. it's not in our interest. our coalition on ukraine is canada because they have a large population and elections coming up and japan because they're japan. i like canada and japan, they're great countries, but it's not a goalings. >> charlie: we conclude with ram guha, his book india at the gandhi. >> if someone oppressed you before gandhi, you ask him to treat you like a human being or bash him. gandhi invented an alternative. collective solidarity, express to non-violent action. university, worldwide. the second thing and important thing why i think he's such a great figure is the ability to forge relations between rival religious groups -- hindu, muslim, christian, jew. >> charlie: a look at the world as it is and what it might be when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: jessica mathews is here. she is president of the carnegie endowment for international peace. it is a globa
May 3, 2014 12:00am EDT
today, the united nations security council held a meeting on russia's intervention in ukraine and the recent violence there. we heard remarks from u.s. ambassador samantha power but begin with comments from the israeli ambassador -- ambassador. this is about an hour and a half. >> it has to do with the punitive military operations with the use of terrorists from the co-fascist right sector as well as other national -- organizations against their own people in ukraine. the subunit of the ukrainian force is using tanks and other -- and other heavy artillery. striking protesters and entrenching fighters. misadventures are not quickly stopped than the cottage gothic context cannot be avoided. punitive measures against their own people, to carry out its obligations under the geneva ss to the inability or lack of desire to carry out its obligations under the geneva declaration for a swift halt of all violent and launching a broad, national dialogue with regis and political forces. if anyone is doubting, now today it is definitely clear that the begineclarations need to nationwide di
May 2, 2014 8:00pm PDT
to find a simple country that is going to be divided russia is also courting on the united nations security council to convene as soon as possible to deal with the situation satisfy the nicer places here in eastern ukraine people very tense people were very frightened. the situation seemingly about to disconnect boise on t study on its eastern ukraine. the meaning of the united nations security council convened today of violence rocking eastern ukraine. stop the proceedings. two hour meeting on the united nations security council the thirteenth time the council meets on the ukrainian christmas the second time this week. we knew who was the wife and left leaning brought up with the increased chaos and violence in eastern ukraine given the goal of life and most are right in the conflict. it was in russia that called for the fashion to take place the thing the urgency of the meaning of what it called a rezoning of military haitian against its own people by the cuban government the unraveling of the criminal misadventures that week even more catastrophic consequences for the violence t
May 2, 2014 7:00pm PDT
at the us president and the visiting german chancellor said about the threat of tougher sanctions on russia. barack obama going up the prospect of measures targeting defence and finance. this is in ukraine to govern helicopters were shot down the aisle to get defensive. it's a good sled dogs has also been deadly stuff streaking up the southern port city of deaths. at least three killed there. also the newsletter may not have a new president can lay claim to the minister along with most eligible bachelor. the actions of george clooney's impeachment to human rights attorney and all of the team. i was char while ago here on false and get you her press conference from the white house. a lot of it. reacting to what's been up friday of escalation in both eastern and southern ukraine. in the port of odessa. three killed in clashes between pro russian protesters and supporters of ukrainian unity. meanwhile anton offensive by government forces on the eastern city of sled dogs marks for the shooting down two ukrainian helicopters kids security services when one was hit by a surface to air missiles. o
May 2, 2014 6:00pm PDT
.s. economy, further threats by the west to increase sanctions against russia over ukraine, outrage in nigeria over the more than 200 girls abducted by extremists, brutal conditions for young boys at schools in senegal, a new push to end the widespread killing in south sudan, plus, shields and brooks on the week's news. >> woodruff: if you saw only the headlines that came out of today's jobs report, it looked very strong. the labor department reported employers added 288,000 jobs in april-- a good deal more than economists were expecting. and the unemployment rate fell to 6.3%, down from 6.7% in march, to a five and a half year low. but the picture is more complicated as our newshour economics correspondent, paul solman, reports, it's part of his ongoing reporting: "making sense of financial news". >> reporter: the jobs picture brightened last month. employers reporting they added jobs at the headiest pace in more than two years, and hiring picked up in a wide swath of sectors, led by professional and business services, retail and construction. what's more, 36,000 more jobs were added in febru
Al Jazeera America
May 2, 2014 8:00pm EDT
the russian border at a dangerous new level. russia warns of consequences. >> we are right in the city and they don't even know how to find us. >> the brazen group, behind the attacks and kidnapping of african schoolchildren. >>> lethal respiratory virus spreading through the middle east. >> the egyptian wonders of the world. >> and celebrating a decade of singing in new orleans. >> and ukraine a country out of control. the military launched a new offensive against pro-russian forces in the east. between those that support the ukraine governments and those who want to join russia. we go to the port city of odessa. homa hamid reports. >> the trade union building was set on fire after a day of violent flashes between pro-russian and prounity fighters, the intensity of their smoke sent some jumping for their lives out their windows. dozens of others died suffocating. ukrainian police had been deployed earlier in the day but were unable orestrain either side. the clashes in o odessa underlie the problems that face the interim government. ukrainian forces launched a new offensive in the so-
May 2, 2014 8:00pm EDT
spoken out forcefully and against russia's illegal actions in ukraine and you have been a leader in the european union as well as an indispensable partner in the g7. your presence here today is a reminder that our nations stand united. we are united in our determination on coordinated sanctions. we are united on our unwavering article five commitment to the security of our nato allies including german aircraft joining nato patrols over the baltics. we are united in our support for ukraine including the very important imf program approved this week to help them stabilize and reform its economy. as ukrainian forces move to restore order in eastern ukraine, it is obvious to the world that these russian groups are not peaceful protesters. they are heavily armed militants who are receiving significant support from russia. the ukrainian government has the right and responsibility to uphold law and order within its territory and russia needs to use its influence over these paramilitary groups of they disarm and stop. evoking provoking violence. let me say that we are also united in our
May 2, 2014 6:00pm EDT
in 1994 and the subsequent one in 1997 it was a necessary decision. >> how was it seen in russia at the time? how would you answer that question? i will answer it today the way they answered it in that time. one of my russian compatriots -- 9.celebrated v-day on may what happened after that? is part of the answer to your question. that ispened after stalin remained in power in the andem of which ignited participated in aggression 1993 -- against poland, that system in russia in the soviet union remains. that was the course of the cold war instead of the united in proper terms of not in technical terms of the word. then what happens today, the main problem is that russia has this.t bothered with stalin is referred to the approved or endorsed textbooks for our children. able -- as an manager. can you believe it happened in germany with hitler? an ableonsidered manager. that is basically what happened. that is basically the root of the problem today with the theine that is part of russian establishment. do you know what happened? 1994, russian elite, the ruling class, those who bene
May 2, 2014 4:00pm EDT
by the u.s.? washington may times attempted to tell russia where and how military troops should write. the white house was insulted by our appeal to the government to withdraw from eastern ukraine. washington has always requested elected in ainely coverage. logic is very strange used against civilians. and by a government that has no legitimacy. the representative of that you did not go much further than the american colleagues. talking about the state's monopoly over the use of force. this statement can only be called provocation. it seems that the high representative not only did not was supportingt those that perpetrated the coup d'État. the u.s. and the eu, their great responsibility is strong in the past. the categorical refusal of washington is totally non-fortuitous. running counter to the geneva declaration of 17 april. dialogueontinuation of . what could be a more striking force? of the use of and the signers of the geneva declaration, to not commit a look atror and take a possible consequences of their actions. and stop the district of policy with respect to the ukraine. an
May 2, 2014 12:00pm EDT
and then the lady behind him. >> hi, i'm ira >> gorbachev did raise the question shouldn't russia join nato also, and james baker pooh-poohed him, and anytiming having made a mistake, james baker later regreated that and -- regretted that and said he should have engaged gorbachev on that question. one of the first acts of the yeltsin government in december 1991 was to raise the question of nato membership, the foreign ministry later said it was a mistranslation, but officials assured me that, in fact, it was a true translation, they just had to withdraw it because it became such a political embarrassment for yeltsin and if or you personally -- and for you personally. i am wondering how much damage has been done by our lack of engagement with russia on the question of a serious integration with russia and its interests with nato. >> first of all, i cannot agree more on your statement, thank you so much. [laughter] and secondly, i agree with the assumption of your question, yes. that's the point, and that's where i technically agree, and i see the point of putin when he says that we had kind of, w
May 2, 2014 9:00am PDT
stiffer sanctions, sanctions on the various sectors of russia's economy, the mining sector and believes that would have a bigger bite than sanctions implemented so far which largely target individuals. russia has been hesitant to move forward with stiffer sanctions because they are far more dependent on russia for things like oil than the united states is. so that is where the divide comes in. president obama has said he doesn't want to move forward without his european allies because he wants to present a united front to russia. the u.s. calculation being that that is far stronger than if the u.s. were to move forward unilaterally with those sectoral sanctions but germany is the linchpin here. so president obama will be trying to do some arm twisting. as you say, another issue that might come up the nsa, the two leaders could discuss the fact that german chancellor merkel was quite upset by the revelations that her cell phone had been happened. but the issue of ukraine will overshadow all of the other issues. >> and jean cummings, you've covered economics in the business world for so m
May 2, 2014 10:00am EDT
from chuck hagel talking about the nato alliance as tension heightens between russia and ukraine. russia's military move quote shatter the myth that the end of the cold war meant an end to insecurity at least in europe. speaking in washington he says the european nato members need bolster their expense effort because they will test the 28-nation lead alliance. we expect remarks to get underway in just a moment here at the wilson center. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> morning. >> good morning. >> morning, everyone and welcome to the wilson center. i am jane harmon the president and ceo. i am delighted to introduce our first event this morning. let me welcome the cochair and former chair and ambassadors from countries and our speakers for the next panel which is going to be introduced later. i have to recognize the former german ambassador who is a scholar at the wilson center. in 1997, my daughter hillary then a princeton senior majoring in politics picked nato as her thesis topic. she called her mom, me i
May 2, 2014 10:00am EDT
against russia clear in recent weeks. as a result, germany's position is unlikely to shift, barring a dramatic escalation of the conflict in ukraine. we will hear from chancellor merkel and president obama. in the meantime, a washington journal discussion this morning on the effectiveness of sanctions. host: our friday roundtable focusing on the issue of sanctions as a foreign-policy tool, do they work? carla anne robbins is a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. mark dubowitz of the foundation for democracy. "the wall street journal" the president meets with angela merkel. german companies opposing sanctions, can you explain. guest: german companies opposed sanctions against iran, it is no surprise they are opposing sanctions against russia. the german corporate lobby is very strong. it is no surprise. it is a very strong economic relationship between germany and russia. including former german chancellor, who is making a lot of money helping natural gas flow from russia to germany. no surprise. angela merkel is under pressure. host: one of the fundamental flaws of sa
May 2, 2014 7:00am EDT
, it is no surprise they are opposing sanctions against russia. the german corporate lobby is very strong. it is a very strong economic relationship between germany and russia. including former german chancellor, who is making a lot of money helping natural gas flow from russia to germany. no surprise. angela merkel is under pressure. host: one of the fundamental flaws of sanctions as a foreign-policy tool? guest: it is limited and a blunt instrument but also there is no other choice. not a lot of other alternatives. politics are flawed, too. germany is russia's's largest trading partner in the eu. they have more economic interest in the u.s. and its owing to be hard to pressure russia and a major way unless the europeans are willing to play. host: let me share what jack lew told members of congress when it came to sanctions and at russia and the wealthy individuals linked to president putin. [video clip] >> if you look at the impact on russia's economy, it is misleading to look at what happens day by day. you have to look over the period of time since russia went into crimea and since we
May 1, 2014 4:00pm EDT
are members, including russia, and the countries of central asia. i am increasingly alarmed at the deterioration of the situation in eastern ukraine, particularly in the dancin the dansk region 9 buildings have been seized. late last week seven members of the german-led osce vienna document inspection team charged with observing unusual military activities along with five of the ukrainian escorts were kidnapped by pro-russian militants. one observer has been freed. the rest continue to be held hostage. russia an, an osce member, has t lifted a finger to secure their release. ness no doubthere is no doubt id that if puti putin could have hm released. this must continue to be condemned. and everything possible must be done to secure their release. in addition to the osce observers, 40 people -- journalists, activists, police officers, politicians -- are reportedly being held captive in makeshift jails in sloviansk. meanwhile, the violence continues. peaceful protesters marching in favor of ukraine's unity were attacked by thugs wielding whips resulting in 15 seriously injured.
May 1, 2014 8:30am PDT
bring home the point all he said the cia and russia was going fine tune the new members of the federation. dr ian and sue basketball. we went to bed. boston police said one hundred thousand people. just wait for the damage of state to the opposition and human rights groups also held demonstrations eight russians he said. russia's foreign secretary sir gay club broke the school the meal authorities in kiev to hold talks with pro moscow sept taste in eastern ukraine. it comes as ukraine's interim president alexander touching office conceded that these forces are helpless to quell the unrest in donetsk and arms. the frost request the negotiations came while on a visit to peru. russia believes that a dialogue between your priorities in kiev and their opponents can be established within the framework of the organization for security and cooperation in uluru. we hope that all partners all western colleagues of the ukrainians to establish this dialogue without impediment. overnight in kiev ukraine stake dogs that responsible for the secure worthy of administered to buildings ar
May 1, 2014 7:30am PDT
into the background. the peninsula, which was annexed by russia last month, was not even a topic of discussion at the recent peace talks in geneva. positions simply differ too much, but the inhabitants of crimea are faced with a lot of uncertainty as far as their everyday lives are concerned. which schoolbooks will pupils have an future, for example. which national league will be crimea in football clubs play and? who will supply the land with electricity? curators of a museum are concerned about the antique gold treasure, which they lent out to a museum in amsterdam. the precious pieces were supposed to have been returned. >> they were mysterious people, nomadic horsemen. they had no writing, left no written legacy, but they did leave fabulous treasures, magnificent garments, and skillfully worked vessels for the knowledge is -- for archaeologists to find in burial mounds. the citizens carved out their mound on the steps north of the black sea. a traveling exhibition of crimean artifacts has landed in amsterdam, and right in the middle of the ukrainian-russian conflict. >> we've got a problem
May 1, 2014 5:00am PDT
a referendum on their future just as the crimeans did. some want independence. some are pushing to join russia. the crisis has brought leaders of different nations together to try to figure out a diplomatic solution. japanese prime minister shinzo abe met in berlin with german chancellor angela merkel. >> translator: we reached an agreement to urge russia to play a responsible role in the international community. >> reporter: the u.s. and european union have been trying to pressure putin by broadening sanctions against senior russian officials and companies. >> the european borders cannot, will not be changed through political intimidation or military force. and we have to be resolute in imposing cost. >> reporter: russian leaders have denied they're behind the turmoil. and they've criticized the sanctions. they say they won't retaliate, yet. foreign minister sergei lavrov says they want to give others the opportunity to calm down. but things seem far from calm on the ground in eastern ukraine. as the separatists expand their reach. government troops stay well away, manning checkpoints on the
Al Jazeera America
May 1, 2014 7:00am EDT
at the ethnic minty that says the government limits their religion and culture. >> russia's military attache detained in kiev as a spy for moscow. the government is helpless against militias taking away government buildings. the military is on full alert for a possible russian invasion. we are in donetsk, eastern ukraine. what can you tell us about the expulsion of this military attache? >> we don't have much details except for what the interim government said in kiev, that he had gone beyond his mandate as a diplomat in this country and carried out duties that looked more like espionage rather than diplomacy. he has been expelled but no deadline given to leave the country. we don't knee if he is still here or actually left. nor have we heard comments from moscow. >> officials said they believe some of the militants in the east are being coordinated and funded by moscow he. are you seeing changes on the ground where you are in donetsk that would suggest a full scale invasion by russian forces is possible or imminent? >> well, the changes we're seeing on the ground are that more and more buil
May 1, 2014 3:00am EDT
from europe, from russia, or otherit through mechanisms. so it is very important. as far as the efficiency rates, ma'am, there, you crane is very inefficient. and the department of energy together with us is working on ukraines to work with to see what we can do to increase efficiency rates. as many haves addressed the subsidy issue where gas is so cheap that don't want to conserve, but also to put in place the kind of mechanisms and will allow for more conservation, so they can do far more with less or with same amount. that's a program that we've done in other countries, d.o.e. and department of state work together on these issues and i think we have a number much proposals that could work rewell for ukraine. >> mr. smith, can we talk about ferk and the process there is i understand is under cumbersome and takes longer how the that interrelate with process that you have ongoing? >> thank you. to get too far into the details of the ferk process, i would not be able to characterize it appropriately, but in general the ferk has an important theof managing environmental pro
FOX News
Apr 30, 2014 11:00pm PDT
. >> how serious is what is going on in crimea, ukraine, russia? >> it's very serious because it is a pattern, this is -- russia is an authoritarian state. putin is going to push as far as he can until he sees that the cost is too high and the resistance too great and there is too much to lose. and to the extent that we continue a pattern of words incrementalism as opposed to stiffer sanctions and in my view lethal and nonlethal assistance to countries that he is pushing against. i suspect what we will see is not just ukraine but down the road you can see him doing similar things as he did in the republic of georgia. he can be doing it in other central asian countries. >> should the sanctions that have been imposed. should they be imposed on putin. the saxes are imposed around him not on him personally. he is a very wealthy man, right? >> i assume that he has never shown me his bank book. >> he hasn't shown me either. have you ever met him? >> oh sure, my goodness, yes. >> what's he like? >> you get in a meeting with putin, and he is kind of a throw back to the old soviet bure
Apr 30, 2014 9:00pm EDT
. will be anrts important foreign policy tool. many of our friends and allies are forced to buy gas from russia's vladimir putin. imports over 60% of its natural gas from russia top this gives russia on amount -- an immense amount of power. russia has a habit of squeezing its neighbors energy when it wants to effect their actions. the u.s. has the resources to come to their aid. we need the political will. as mentioned previously, this subcommittee is focused on a process for proving natural gas exports. countries with whom we have a free trade agreement -- that export is consistent with public interest. authorization must be granted without delay. for countries with which we do not have a retreat agreement, the natural gas act presumes that. unless the department finds proposed exportation not consistent with public interest. natural gas has been part of a proposed pipeline through canada and mexico since the 1930's. granted the states first permit. the facility is currently under construction in louisiana. it will begin soon. when we had our last hearing on this topic, that was the only facil
Apr 30, 2014 6:00pm PDT
calling for broader, tougher sanctions to punish russia for the interference in ukraine. the civil war in south sudan is on the verge of famine. the united nations official warned today more than one million people fled the violence at the start of crucial planting season. she said she's appalled neither of the two warring leaders seems concerned by the looming disaster. violence overshadows election day in iraq as people headed to the polls today to cast ballots in parliamentary elections. at least five people died in independent attacks. jonathan rugman filed this report. >> reporter: it's the kind of democracy saddam hussein would have never allowed. but in a country now racked by sectarian violence, iraq goferred for eight years by nouri al maliki from the shia majority, a man who rarely smiles. he voted early today casting this election as a referendum on his war against terror. >> i wish to see a huge turnout. god willing, we'll celebrate the success of this election and defeat terrorism and those who bet the election would be postponed. >> reporter: in parts of anbar province th
Apr 30, 2014 11:00am PDT
's eastern regions of russia militia activity continues to spread unchallenged the leakage bring you comfort in kiev it's baffling to deal with the police schools last week demoralized and parades and custom plates quite switched allegiances between muscat and the west. it's not the alms to the central square has become the fact of rebel held territory and i got area. authorities meanwhile warring forces did attempt to intervene in tuesday's taken aback by the constant government building against militants building heights with bouts of molotov cocktails several thousand activists stormed the regional state exports has embraced the russian flag the rebels as they continue to control the sixties prosecutions office and stevie cent of the operation in the city gets the prize must be a separate system on the second provincial capital late already controlled much of an apron done yet province where the proclaimed an independent people's republic of the yes but a referendum on secession of late he left as you. gemma child slept like an american has said russia is not a right to the decisions bein
Apr 30, 2014 5:30am PDT
provincial capital of luong. despite new western sanctions on russia. an inmate in oklahoma dies of a heart attack minutes after a botched attempt to execute him with a new death penalty cocktail. also coming up this hour, celebrations across madrid as madrid wins. it might be an all spanish 20 in may if chelsea loses in tonight's game. a tug-of-war over french engineering company al stump. it says -- alstom. it is giving them a month to decide over the $12 billion offer from general election. there is a rival offer from siemens. a rack is voting in its first general election since u.s. troops -- iraq is voting in his first general election since u.s. troops left in 2011. the severe violence that hit the country this week continues. two women were among the dead as a bomb went off at a polling station in the north. nicholas rushworth has more. friday, and the explosion tore apart a campaign rally in the east of the city. attack was part of the waves of sectarian violence nationwide in the days before the vote. iraq is currently going through its worst unrest in years. security for this elec
Apr 30, 2014 3:00am PDT
month the un. as the us and eu continue to mull over for the economic sanctions against russia. although we don't make telephone calls he has formed a new retirement reactions could be due to defects in the short time. he has no sanctions will affect were shaking me deeply. it's the current russian gold and foreign currency reserves the peculiarities of the energy distribution system ways energy suppliers can be replaced and all these to the conclusion is that in the next three to five years the situation will not be critical for directions comments. this is. it used torture being complicit in violence against protest is being kept independence square where the true form and present it is a democrat which he leads people to try and comprehend how the crisis in ukraine is understood from a russian perspective. he did in the minds of ordinary normal very good erection people even my friends and my school friends. there is a presumption that the power in kiev has been taken by fastest and then their acts and bass when pressure fights that it doesn't like the people of ukraine lights that fi
Apr 30, 2014 3:00am EDT
the right folks. there are not many folks who run russia. they are all friends of the leader there, the president. going after those folks is a great start. it lets the russian leaders know that there is a penalty to them. also, i think the experience of crimea who might have been a great national thing for russia to do, but so far it has been a disaster for premiums and crimean russians as well where things are hardly run down there right now as a result. there may be a self limiting factor of how the leaders in russia see the rest of the eastern ukraine based on the crimean experience. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. this immense opportunity to talk about this. but of bin. just getting of an airplane and hobbling all over town. they're is a lot to worry about faugh. polls show that americans are increasingly concerned about u.s. foreign policy, what they perceive as growing numbers of challenges and threats, not necessarily in what they perceived but what is coming out of washington. they're out there saying we have a lot of challenges. of these concerns justified.. at
Apr 30, 2014 1:00am EDT
.n.f. this treaty between the united states and russia places limits on ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers. the united states has held up our agreement in the treaty. it appears the russians have not. according to press reports, it appears the russians have tested a ground launch cruise missile from an operational launcher. the russians have responded, this is a sea-based missile which does not fall under the treaty. there's no way to know if it's a sea-based missile until it's deployed but even so, if it was a sea-based missile and the russians tested on land using an operational launcher, it's in violation of the treaty. either way the russians are violating this treaty. according to press reports, the administration knew about the violation back in 2008. six years later the state department says, the violation is still under review and is not officially classified as a violation or not. time for the state department to pick a horse and ride it. either it's a violation or it's not a violation. i've introduced h.con.res. 94 with repres
Apr 29, 2014 11:00pm EDT
to report that russia could potentially withdraw from treaties such as the i.n.f. and that they may further -- any further expansion of arms control efforts will likely make no headway for the foreseeable future system of, some of my colleagues, some of the pun -- i hear some pundits saying, give weapons, more sanctions, very few people are talking about diplomatic solutions. my first question is, do either of you still see, i believe there's still hope, we should talk and have conversations with nations we don't disagree with. is diplomacy an option here? do you seedy employee macy having an a chance here? or it has no chance? what role do you think diplomacy has in this. >> thank you, sir. we -- we believe that diplomacy is a critical aspect of of this. that's why secretary kerry has had, i forget, six, eight, 10 conversations with the russian foreign minister over the last couple of weeks. that's why he went to geneva to negotiate the terms of the geneva statement that laid out a pathway for de-escalation and so we very much believe that the -- that that is the -- that diplomacy is the w
Apr 29, 2014 10:00pm EDT
not been taken. >> because russia has the veto? >> yes. so far, we have more than 700,000 refugees in our country. about 200,000 of them live in tent cities. 500,000 of them live in the cities. we have so far spent $3.5 billion for them. $50 million came from saudi arabia, $25 million from the u.s., and others from a number of countries but the total amount so far is $3.5 billion. we provide food, education. we try to provide assistance to these people and we want the west to be heard as well. we were unable to do this. nothing came out of the geneva talks. we are together with a number of countries in nato. we have a model partnership with the u.s. all of those relationships ought to mean something. there are lots of people who are internally displaced, millions. there's almost 200,000 people who have died. doing nothing and just watching is unacceptable. where is the u.n., the u.s., all these countries? >> what concrete steps would you recommend to change the circumstances? >> there were steps taken in a number of countries, in libya for example. some steps in different ways could be ta
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Apr 29, 2014 6:59pm PDT
is the former u.s. ambassador to russia. or crimea. it's hard to tell at this point. please welcome ambassador michael mcfaul. (applause) mr. ambassador thank you so much for coming on. now ambassador that say great title. you get to hold on to that even if you are not ambassador any more? >> technically but now i'm professor. >> stephen: your excellency. >> if you want to call me that, that would be happy. >> stephen: that is really nice. i would have cards printed up. okay. now as i said you were former u.s. ambassador to russia. an architect of president obama's reset policy there. i hear that term a lot. what does reset mean? because we seem like we're reset to the cold war with russia. >> which i'm in favor of, what was the intention of our reset with russia? >> well back in 200 when president obama used that term the first time, the idea was very simple. that we have some common interest with russia. and if we engage with them f we talk to them we can achieve those outcomes so getting rid of nuclear weapons, sanctions on iran, supplying our troops in afghanistan through russia or increas
Apr 29, 2014 9:00pm EDT
that the type of sanctions that would work versus russia might be the same. those dealing with the more specifically with the energy sector and the banking sector. have those been considered are is this an issue with the european union? >> congressman they've been considered because the president signed an executive order that creates the authority for us to designate sectors should we make the determination that that's the appropriate step. i think that if you look -- >> this would have been stronger. >> if you look at the impact on russia's economy, it's a little misleading to look at what happens day by day. you have to look over the period of time since russia went into crimea. since we imposed sanctions. there has been quite a substantial deterioration in russia's already-weak economy. we see it in their stock exchange, their exchange rate, in a number of important economic indicators. they were down graded one notch above junk. with the rationale and bond rating was, in part, the sanctions being imposed. i think the question here is how do we proceed in a careful way, step by step
Apr 29, 2014 8:00pm EDT
relationship with russia. you respect vladimir putin, yes? >> we respect and like each other. >> what do you tell him when he invades crimea? what do you tell him when he puts troops on the border of ukraine? >> in our conversation about crimea thomas i told him i did not agree with his actions. he said they were there because the people in crimea wanted to see them there. was thaton to that there could be other countries in the world who may look to but ity else to come in cannot be justification for the action. we should let those people stand on their own feet. if there is something we can help them with, we should do that so they can stand on their own feet. with respect to ukraine, there will be elections at the end of next month. they have to get necessary support for the elections to go forward. to be heldave because the provocation may be made to prevent the elections from taking place and that is something we need to ensure does not happen. believe thatnd i it would be important to have a positive approach. the people of ukraine and the people of russia are friendly, should be frien
Apr 29, 2014 7:00pm EDT
to supplant the rest of the world and doing so in a big way as well as building up their own military. russia is a powerful force in the world which we need to deal with as a major country, a major nation. major countries have their interests. i do not see what's going on in outcome of the communist ideology but instead you have a very important international power there, russia, that is governed by someone who is looking out for its national interests and who that leadership of that country obviously believes that what was going on in ukraine was contrary to their national interests and that they were not being treated fairly in a way in which a pro-russian leader was removed from office by street violence rather than by elections, which in their o result losing -- what they had was access to crimea and a port for their fleet. that said, i'd like to go back to the original purpose that we came here today, to talk about arms control and how that will inimpacted by this new shift our relations with russia and i say that no matter what i should have said the bottom line is, it is in recognitio
Apr 29, 2014 6:00pm EDT
is allowing drillers to get at these previously unaccessible reserves. >> the u.s. just passed russia as number two. we are going to pass saudi arabia, we are going to be number one. >> there's so much interest in more domestic production, so many more jobs are being created. i think they've run out of workers. i'm not even sure we can build their roads fast enough to help us get this production under way. it is revitalizing the manufacturing base of america. >> i'm adam scott. we're a registered investment advisor and we invest in oil and gas ships on behalf of our clients. so what are the benefits of fracking? well, it's going to save america's youth from the burden of debt built up by their parents and their grandparents. fracking and the energy industries are going to create an additional 3.5 million jobs by 2020. >> but it is not that simple. there are many real concerns of the impact on our environment and these need to be addressed. >> ♪ one day i lit a match and the water caught on fire i thought about a lawsuit then stumbled upon the fact that fracking is exempted from the
Apr 29, 2014 12:00pm PDT
. >> charlie: because russia has the veto. yes? s>> so far, we have nearly 700,000 refugees in our country. about 200,000 of them live in tents and 500,000 of them live in the cities and we have so far spent $3.5 billion for them. the support from other countries where the effort is $150 million, out of which $50 million came from saudi arabia, 25 million from the u.n. and others from a number of countries. but the total amount we've spent so far is $3.5 billion because we host them, we provide food, education, we try to provide assistance to these people, and we want the west to be heard as well. we should be in closer solidarity with the united states in this for example, but we're unable to do this. nothing came out of the geneva talks. we are together with a number of countries in nato. we have a partnership with the u.s. so all those relationships ought to mean something. there are lots of people who are internally displaced, millions, and there are almost 200,000 people who have died. doing nothing and just watching is unacceptable. where is the u.n.? where is the u.s.? where are all
Apr 29, 2014 11:00am PDT
to provide a limited amount of natural gas to ukraine and russia decides to cut supply while the deal could help soften the blow if russia cut gas supplies amid the crisis between the two countries the agreement is not its far reaching and clear thinking of adults under the deal slovakia will make technical adjustments to an old unused pipeline to ship about eight to nineteen cubic meters of gas. starting in the autumn larger than a taste of the crimean peninsula and the continuing turmoil in ukraine teeth set up the most serious beef with prices since the cold war and raised the possibility of a gas crisis in europe the united states slapped sanctions against them or what officials and seventy merchant company linked to russian president but the report in the mood of the latest attempt to punish moscow court intervention in ukraine a charge denied by russian official the white house said the seven russians who include the nurse jen head of russia's major oil company ross nap and a close ally of them are now subject to a freeze on any assets they hold in the united states and a ban on us tr
Apr 29, 2014 12:00pm EDT
to those that were polled by "usa today" that said sanction russia but don't arm ukraine, that is what they found out in this poll. >> guest: i disagree. sanctions i don't believe are ever going to work because we'll never have a unified regime of sanctions that are going to have enough teeth where it doesn't hurt western interests as bad. and so we'll never have the types of sanctions. you need sanctions in an, in types of countries that can't bite back. sanctions work good, i think, in north korea, potentially iran. i think it's much more difficult against an economy as large as russia. again, nobody's calling for a u.s. or nato combat troops on the ground to engage, but we are talking about providing some pretty good defensive weaponry, things like antitank weapon, that type of thing, to change putin's calculus so he doesn't mass a full-fledged invasion. give the ukrainian people a chance to stabilize their government, stabilize their country. >> host: i also want to ask you about what secretary of state john kerry said about the mideast peace process. your colleague, senator ted cr
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